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white lightning
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White Lightning Set -- 76, 77, 78


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The White Lightning Set

#78p - 13" long 3/16" diameter double bend flags, with sharp tip. Flag tipped up 15° for improved drive,  handle movement, and access. Set handles are color coded to distinguish the right from left. They are shaved, and tapered from the tip to the extra bend in the middle of the tool for greater accessibility.  Right and Left Pair.

#77 - 16" long 1/4" diameter double bend flags with a sharp tip turned up 15° and shaved back to the bend in the middle of the shaft. Designed for access and drive.  Right and Left Pair.

#76p - 22" double bend 5/16" diameter Double Bend flags shaved to the middle of the shaft and a sharp tip. An excellent access tool with extreme drive.  Right and Left Pair.




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