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Talon Picks - Set of 5


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Talon Picks - Set of 5
Part of the Finesse Talon Tool Series
314- 6” long, 3/16” diameter
315- 12” long, 1/4” diameter
316- 18” long, 5/16” diameter
317- 24” long, 3/8” diameter
318- 30” long, 7/16” diameter
(measured from the base of the handle to the tip of the tool)
This inline pick set is made to be very versatile with a swoop bend but is still shaved on both sides at the foot and made sharp at the tip just like our MT sharp set.
This tool is designed to allow you to push using the soft backside of the tool, side, or the super Finesse sharp tip. This super sharp Talon Set is great on aluminum. If you like our MT set of rods, you're going to really enjoy this pick set as well.

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