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Keco 2.5 Pound Black Steel Slide Hammer with 2 Adapters


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The KECO 2.5lb Slide Hammer (black) was designed with the tech’s who use our products every day in mind. Ergonomics and adjustability give this slide hammer unrivaled comfort and versatility for PDR techs or body repair professionals who are looking for a classic tool within a refined package. With a 2.5lb weight and the ability to adjust pulls for more snap or a completely dead pull, this slide hammer is sure to become a staple in your tool box.

  • Ergonomic, Flanged Handles - designed to fit snuggly in the hand giving techs confidence in their pulls and protection against pinching fingers
  • Adjustable End-Cap - provides techs the ability to adjust the snap or dead feeling of each pull with ease
  • 2.5 lbs. Weight - enable pulls for large dents with control over the amount of force needed
  • Includes 2 Adaptors - supports standard size PDR hail and crease tabs, KECO Supertabs, Centipedes, and Black Plague crease tabs

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