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John Highley Basic Tactical 19 piece Set


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This all new 19 Piece Basic Tactical Set Was assembled  by John Highley, Ike Rhoades, and Jason Mayberry at John's shop in Ohio. The intention behind this set is to provide a new tech in training an essential set of professional grade tools that is well-rounded for door ding or hail repair. We believe that you will save time and money by purchasing this strategically assembled set, because purchasing the right tools for the job the first time is always the shortest route to success. Let’s have some fun and make some money!

John Highley Basic Tactical 19 piece Set

  1. 270JH

  2. 14mt

  3. 18mt

  4. 51

  5. 152

  6. 08

  7. 113

  8. 04

  9. 53w

  10. 32a

  11. Complete Set of Tips and extensions

  12. 54w

  13. 232MR

  14. 36

  15. 57w

  16. 52wsb

  17. Wooden Knockdown Paddle

  18. Black Knockdown

  19. Plastic Window Guard

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