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#217 - Transformer Tool


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The Flat Bar Transformer Tool is one of the most versitile tools built.  30" long with only a 3/16" thickness this bar has the ability to access doors, between fender liners and outer fender skins, and other thin areas.  The Transformer Bar is able to be thin and accessable because of the hardened metal and comes with pre-formed bends that allow optimum access and usefulness. Many attachments come with this tool, allowing it to be the ultimate transformer.  Accessories included with the 217 Transformer Bar are:   

2" & 1" extensions, Whale Tail Tip, Plastic Sharp Tip, Plastic Long Rounded Tip, Plastic Medium Ball Tip, S Hook, Black Ball Tip, 1/2" Flat Tip, Glue Puller, Soft Tip with Black Caps, Stainless Steel Sharp Tip


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