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#103- DMan T Glue Puller


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7" long T handle glue puller. It has a groove cut around the tip where the glue tab inserts, with an O'ring so if the tab snaps loose it doesn't roll under the car or fly across the room. The O-ring also keeps the tool from scratching the vehicle if laid on it. The DManT allows you to pull pressure on large or small dents while working the crown to relieve the pressure on the dent. This tool was designed by a body man that is now a full time PDR tech. It is a fantastic tool to work large dents. The T handle has holes in it to hook it up to a rachet strap for hard glue pulling with both hands free to work the crowns or help the dent out by other methods. It is a large dent dream tool. Sold as a set with 18" Slide Hammer for $161, see related products for more information on the 102 & 103 set.

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