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Genuine Story: we Traveled to Seoul on the lookout for Korean Guys on Tinder

Not so long ago, I seen a land in which kimchi and BB products are of equal product, in which K-pop represents an "institution," where anyone lugged an MCM backpack—be it white, green or cognac, and where residents have actually a penchant for severe spiciness. Within this destination, men are innately fashionable, therefore one's—for the deficiency of phase—"gaydar" gets null and basically pointless. Yup, you thought they: Annyeong, South Korea!

My quest going together with the obvious, from purchasing at MyeongDong, to getting shed inside the rare streets of HongDae, to snapping numerous of touristy pictures against GyeongBokGung residence's luxurious architecture—all of which necessary bouncing from 1 train facility to a different. While in transit, I couldn't let but notice exactly how everybody's consistently peering in their phones—myself integrated. How it happened next ended up being a whole lot predictable. I quickly (and guiltlessly) located my self sifting through many faces on Tinder. Curiosity killed the pet, just like the claiming goes.­

After swiping leftover and correct and evaluating over a hundred users in total, it is come explained for me just what Korean guys are all about. With the aid of this hookup app, i got eventually to know these chinky-eyed foreign lads a little better. Fascinated about what I found out? Here, go on and feast your own sight on my pasalubong in the shape of screencapped treasures. (You're welcome!)

Thinspo, anyone? Lanky may seem uncomfortable in some nations, but not really in Korea.

Breton streak tend to be everywhere! Listed here is a prominent development to test if you want to go #twinning with your spouse in Seoul.

*Cue in song, Kwiyomi!

The united states has grown to be 100per cent MERS cost-free, and this refers to precisely how off-duty K-pop movie stars dress to-be incognito. They may be buff boys, I would assume.

It is sweater climate all-year-round in Korea!

Sartorially major lads decide for sleeker see via customized blazer and a corresponding couple of trousers. It isn't really uncommon to spot one while taking a subway. Talk about commuter trendy!

They will have practically learned the art of layering, too.

Sneakers is their particular common footwear. They set it with anything.

Be it only for tv series or they can be actually lawfully blind, thin-framed oversized features control the eyeglasses games of the chinito guys.

Strobing, evidently, isn't only for women!

Bowl slices - a mane basic for the guys.

For considerably daring lad, the messy heart component is actually a go-to. (i understand, that one's difficult to pull-off.)

The oppar-approved method is to wear their snapbacks backwards.

Check her purrfect selfie companions.

Cafe customs is fairly huge in Korea. Area your Tinder day inside among gazillion cafes scattered around Seoul.

Honestly, We have never in fact fulfilled with individuals from Tinder prior to. Because, you can see, it generally does not finish after creating a “match.” The battle normally employs, when you’d need to awkwardly regulate how respond to a one-word greeting such “hi,” “hello,” or “sup?” Not forgetting, in Korea, the language barrier performedn’t enable it to be any easier. Hot food is perhaps not for everybody, and so are Tinder, squirt   promo code I guess. But a dear friend as soon as explained: "you'll find nothing completely wrong if you possess the software; it's how you use the application." Therefore outside of the 40 people roughly whom I’ve coordinated within Seoul, At long last chose to speak to one. It actually was around half earlier twelve at the resorts lobby, and in addition we was able to finish a bottle of Soju. In regards to what occurred subsequent, really, I’ll merely leave it towards imaginations.