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Black Hat Gaming - Not On Gamstops?

The UK government recently introduced a new gaming ban in the UK, and one of the bans involved online casinos not on gamestation. This means all UK casinos are now required to offer a player the ability to play at online casino games where the player has not previously been a result of fraud or cheating. This makes sense for a number of reasons, but especially for the online gambling industry. If an online casino can't ensure that the results presented to the player are fair and even, then how can any gambler ever be confident that he will win?

Alpha interactive solutions have been trying hard to improve the security of the online gambling environment since their incorporation into the industry in 2003. They have invested a huge amount of funds and time in research and development of new computer code non gamstop sites that would make their systems more secure and fool proof. Unfortunately, all of this research and development did not pay off. In fact, it seemed as if the UK gaming industry needed a wake-up call, but alas, no such wake-up call was ever received.

Recently however, the UK government announced that they have added ethereum to their list of accredited currencies. At first glance, it doesn't appear to make much sense. Why would the UK government add a new currency to one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world? The answer is simple. Online gambling is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, and the addition of eether, which is an already existing virtual currency, only strengthened the hand of the UK government. The addition of eether to the list of accredited currencies will help online casinos and online gambling operators accept and pay for ether.

Many countries throughout the world have already implemented a form of this scheme in order to assist their gambling industries. However, the United Kingdom is still the only developed country in the world that does not have this plan in effect. The lack of this plan has left the United Kingdom with a serious lack of legal gambling establishments. Simply put, many of the world's powerful gambling establishments were based in the United Kingdom and they would lose business if the ban was implemented. Additionally, these establishments employ thousands of people in the United Kingdom including service workers and salaried citizens. If they were to be interrupted from doing their jobs by a law that makes it illegal for them to accept payment from any electronic money transfer, then they would also lose thousands of their employees.

In light of the lack of legal gambling establishments and the large number of unemployed gamblers in the UK, online gamblers in the UK are feeling the brunt of this bad press. Online casinos that operate through the use of e ether are being forced to shut down because they cannot afford to accept payments from e ether accounts. If this trend continues, then online gamblers in the UK will have nothing to do other than play video poker at online casinos that make use of e ether systems. This means that those that have lost money from online casinos that use e-currency are going to have even less to do than play games of luck or chance.

The UK government knows that there are many things that need to be changed in the way that online gaming is regulated. Unfortunately, they are unable to change laws that make online gambling black hat. At this point in time, UK citizens should always remember that if you choose to gamble online, you are playing in a black hat. Make sure you play at casinos that are operated according to fair gambling laws. If you choose to take a gamble on sites that are not operated according to fair gambling laws, you are taking a big gamble and you may find yourself out of a job.