#248 Eagle Talon Fender lip tool


Our Fender lip tool, also known as the “New Fender Tool” has received alot of attention and positive feedback from the PDR community.

#248 Eagle Talon Fender lip tool has a deep hook and tight radius, eagle talon tip for good contact around the fender’s wheel well opening. Additionally it has a 10 degree bend, 11″ back from the tip making it posable to gain leverage off of the tire. Similar to our popular #143w Fender tool, but it’s shallow 10 degree bend is better suited for the modern low profile deep dish wheels and tires. This design is also much easier to fit into a tool case. It’s a great tool, useful for far more than just the fender lip. It also works nicely around headlight/taillight openings and body opening edges everywhere. 

24″ long, 3/8 diameter rod
Welded Handle
Compact design
Carefully crafted tip                                                                    

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